4 Tips for Super Shoe Storage

4 Tips for Super Shoe Storage

October 3, 2019

Research shows that Americans love their footwear. While the average American man owns 12 pairs of shoes, the average woman boasts a whopping 27 pairs. While you might not be willing to pare down your collection, there are steps you can take to improve your storage system, both functionally and aesthetically. Here are some closet organizing tips from the experts at Closet World:

Divide Your Shoe Collection into Categories

Before embarking on a closet organizing journey, take time to divide your footwear into categories. To start, separate shoes into two piles for pairs you wear all the time and pairs you only don occasionally. The former group likely includes sneakers and sandals, while the latter category may include cowboy boots, snowshoes, and dressy heels. Then find a place that’s easily accessible to store the shoes you wear regularly. Within each category, group similar shoes together. The last thing you want is to spend valuable minutes each morning searching for the perfect pair of flats. When similar items are stowed together, you can view the entire selection at a glance.

Don’t Stow Shoes in Plastic

Plastic boxes are great for storing sweaters and old photos, but they aren’t a good choice for shoes. After all, plastic seals in moisture and odors: two words you don’t want to hear when talking about your beloved shoe collection. Instead, keep your fabulous footwear in cardboard boxes or opt to stow them on racks that are open to the air. Doing this helps ensure your leather shoes can breathe and remain beautiful for years to come.

Show Off Your Prettiest Pieces

You’ve spent years (if not decades) collecting your shoes. So, why would you want to stow your most extravagant pairs in cardboard boxes? If you have a few pairs of heels, boots, or designer sneakers that really rock your world, think about displaying them on the top shelf of your closet. Not only does this allow you to find them easily, but it also adds a fun design element to your storage space.

Opt for Over-the-Door Displays

Even the roomiest walk-in closets can start to feel cluttered if every pair of shoes is stowed in its box or bin. If you want to save space while protecting your fantastic footwear, think about purchasing an over-the-door shoe organizer. Ideal for lightweight, slender shoes like flip-flops and flats, shoe organizers let you store a dozen or more pairs with ease. You may even be able to keep more than one pair of flip-flops in the same slot, thereby saving you additional space.

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