4 Closet Organizing Mistakes

4 Closet Organizing Mistakes

March 19, 2020

Some people avoid organizing their closets at all costs. Others try their best to keep a tidy closet but wind up living in clutter anyway. The good news is that every closet organizer can take steps to improve their skills. At Closet World, we’re passionate about helping homeowners ditch the clutter and optimize their lives. Keep reading for some of the biggest mistakes people make when trying to organize their closet space.

Moving Instead of Removing

Closet organizers often make the mistake of moving the clutter around rather than eliminating it. Unfortunately, doing this just results in more clutter. If you want to give your closet some much-needed tidying this year, start by creating piles for clothing and accessories you no longer need. If items are in good shape, think about selling or donating them. The things that are not in great condition should be thrown away or repurposed. For example, that old t-shirt can be turned into a great workout top or even cut up for cleaning rags.

Not Storing for the Seasons

If your closet is on the large-side, you might be able to stow all your clothes year-round. However, those of us with smaller closet spaces will likely need to move out items during certain times of the year. To save space and make it easier to view your belongings, think about relocating your winter clothes to the attic or guest room during the warmer months. As a bonus, moving clothes out of your closet will make them feel new again when you bring them back. It’s like a shopping spree that doesn’t cost a dime.

Not Leaving Space for Lightly Worn Items

We’re all guilty of it: after wearing an item, we toss it on the floor of our closet until it needs to be washed. If you want to minimize closet clutter, think about creating a space for lightly worn items like that pair of jeans you wore once or that skirt you only had on for a couple of hours. You can keep these items on an unused shelf or stow them in a drawer in your bureau.

Dressing in the Dark

It’s hard to keep an organized closet if you can’t see where your clothes go. One of the biggest mistakes made by aspiring closet organizers is not lighting this part of the home properly. Along with overhead lighting, the best closets feature LED light strips and even table lamps. Choose white light over warmer shades that can cause your clothes to appear yellow.

Trust Our Closet Organizers

An organized closet can translate to an organized life. That’s where the Closet World team comes in. Our expert closet organizers have the tools and training needed to create tranquil, beautiful spaces that meet your needs and aesthetic preferences. From walk-ins to reach-ins, garages to pantries, we’ll help you get every part of your home in order. For more information on what we do, call today or contact our team online.