3 Apps That Make Closet Organizing Easier

3 Apps That Make Closet Organizing Easier

May 9, 2019

Whether you need a dog walker or a digital measuring tape, there really is an “app for that.” Always. Closet design and organization are no exception. Creating a custom closet is easier with technology on your side. From creating a digital inventory of your clothing to rethinking the architectural layout of your master walk-in, the app store on your phone is full of help.

No more searching for 10 minutes to find your white pumps! Here are three apps that make it easier to organize your closet and keep track of where everything is:

  1. Stylebook

This app aims to help you keep track of what you own, plan outfits, and see your most common color stories. Here are a few of the things you can do with Stylebook to take your closet organization to a new level:

  • Take photos of every item in your closet. Log the color, size, and type of each piece so you can easily sort your inventory by a variety of factors.
  • Create looks using your photos. Plan outfits from anywhere and then simply pull the items you’ve decided to put together for a killer outfit.
  • Record your size in various brands. Note your pant size in different brand jeans and your dress sizes by your favorite designers.

Stylebook helps you organize your stuff in a digital space, which you can use as inspiration to organize your stuff in real life. Once you know exactly what’s in your space, you can decide how to organize it (if you realize you have a ton of black pants, maybe they deserve their own shelf).

  1. Stylicious

The Stylicious app also helps you create an online inventory of your closet’s contents. If organizing your weekly outfits for work is overwhelming, you may need this app in your life. You can use it to:

  • Take photos of your closets. You can take pics of each item and the app will add a neutral background, so it’s easier to create outfits within the app.
  • Make a style calendar. You can organize your weekly outfit plans using the in-app calendar.
  • Shop for new additions. Once you have an organized digital inventory of your closet, you can notice what’s missing and shop for it right in the app.

This closet organization app helps you see how your clothes might naturally group together. You can also track which items you wear most, so you know to put them at the front of your closet.

  1. Houzz

Does your closet need a makeover? You may want to download the Houzz app for some help with significant changes. Use the Houzz app to:

  • Browse other closets for inspiration. You can look through millions of pictures of other homes to see what you might like for your own renovations. Choose from cubbies, shelving arrangements, and other features that make organizing fun and simple.
  • Visualize furniture. Digitally place furniture and accessories in a picture of your closet so you can see how a chaise would look in the corner. If you think you need an extra dresser to organize accessories, see if it will fit under your blouse rack.
  • Find professionals. If you want an interior designer to take a look at your new custom closet and suggest wallpaper, rugs, and finishes, find them with the app.

Houzz helps you craft an innovative closet design. Once your custom closet is fully realized, organizing your stuff will be easier.

Who said closet organization couldn’t be innovative? With these apps and Closet World on your side, updating your space is creative and enjoyable.