Closet Sharing Tips for Home Harmony

Closet Sharing Tips for Home Harmony

December 27, 2019

Sharing a bathroom with your loved one is nothing compared to sharing a closet. And the challenge becomes even greater if one or both of you is a bit of a clothes horse. Without a clear system in place for storing clothing and accessories, a previously harmonious home can easily turn into a warzone as you fight over shelf space and rack room. Wondering how to avoid starting WWIII due to a lack of closet space? Check out our closet organization ideas for sharing storage space with your significant other:

Take Out the Trash

If you want to ensure closet sharing success, start by eliminating all unnecessary items from your wardrobe. An easy way to start is by removing all items that are stained, torn, unflattering, or just plain ugly. Yes, we’re talking about that sweater from your great aunt who lives in Ohio! Consider donating any pieces that are in good condition or even selling designer and brand-name items to a consignment store. Still have too much clothing? Opt to keep out-of-season items in the attic, basement, or garage. Think about using plastic tubs to stow bulky winter coats and other space-sucking pieces.

Consider Commingling

If you’re trying to share a closet, you might want to reconsider the way you’re splitting space. When it comes to closet cohabitation, sometimes commingling your clothes can result in more space for everyone. For example, think about stowing all your dresses, coats, and shirts on a higher rack. Lower racks are great for storing your pants and jeans. Want to avoid closet confusion? Purchase hangers in two different colors — like white and tan — and designate a separate shade for each inhabitant.

Create Additional Storage Options

If you’re trying to store every item you own in a shared closet, you’re bound to have a negative outcome. For best results, designate specific storage spots for all your accessories. For example, cubbies and drawers are great for keeping shoes and jewelry. On the other hand, hangers and vertical racks are perfect for scarves and belts. If necessary, consider stowing infrequently used items in a dresser kept in the bedroom or another part of the home.

Consider a Closet Remodel

If all else fails, you might want to think about remodeling your closet to accommodate your changing lifestyle. Whether you’re dealing with a cluttered reach-in or a spacious walk-in, a complete closet remodel will ensure that all your clothing and accessories fit easily and in a manner that lets you find what you need fast. Plus, you can choose from a range of style options, including different color and wood grain options, knobs and hangers, features, and accessories.

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