Bid Goodbye to Winter Clothing Storage Woes

Bid Goodbye to Winter Clothing Storage Woes

December 9, 2019

Winter means icy mornings, snowy days, and long nights spent curled up before the fire. It also means you need to find a way of dealing with all that bulky winter wear that tends to take up precious closet storage space. At Closet World, we take pride in providing optimal solutions for clients’ organizational needs and keeping their homes tidy all year round. Keep reading to learn how to arrange your home and bid goodbye to winter clothing storage woes once and for all.

Create an Entryway Space

If your goal is to improve home organization and cleanliness, the last thing you want is family members tracking snow and sand all over your floors. Prevent messes before they start by designating a specific part of your house as a removal zone for winter wear. For example, you could install a bench or rack in your entryway to encourage visitors to remove their dirty boots and wet coats. You may also want to include some plastic trays to keep snow-soaked footwear from damaging your hardwood. Additionally, coat racks and wall hooks are helpful in that they prevent residents and guests from dropping their dirty items on the floor.

Ditch the Clutter

If you live in a part of the country that’s warm or temperate the majority of the year, you may have a bad habit of holding on to your cold-weather clothes. After all, you’ll take that ski vacation one of these days, right? If your skis haven’t seen the slopes in about a decade, think about getting rid of that excess winter wear. In general, you should toss or donate sweaters and jackets that you haven’t worn in a couple of years. And don’t hesitate to get rid of ripped or torn mittens, leaky boots, and that scarf that scratches your face. Apply the same standard to your kids’ winter wardrobes, getting rid of items that don’t fit or that your little ones just refuse to wear.

Be Smart About Accessory Storage

Winter weather means a plethora of accessories. From hats and scarves to gloves and mittens, the average individual has a sizeable collection of clothing to keep them warm on those cold winter days. Avoid misplacing your favorite winter wear items by designating a bin for each member of the family. You can even decorate the kids’ bins with stickers or name tags to encourage them to stow their items when they walk in the door.

Trust Us With Your Closet Storage Solutions

The best closets aren’t just places to stow your belongings. On the contrary, truly exceptional closets function as relaxing, tranquil spaces to relax at the start and end of the day. To that end, we offer a range of closet storage solutions to meet your unique needs. Ready to build an exceptional custom walk-in? Peruse our closet design catalog online and then call to speak to someone on our team. We look forward to hearing from you.