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3 Signs It’s Time to Rethink Your Home Storage

October 22, 2020 admin closet system

Your home is likely the biggest purchase you’ve made, and you probably remember the day you unlocked the door for the first time with pride. However, just because you feel warm and fuzzy toward your house doesn’t mean that it’s still meeting your needs. As families change and expand, their storage requirements may also adapt. That’s where ClosetWorld comes in. Experts in home organization, our team specializes in creating closet systems and other storage solutions to meet our clients’ needs. Keep reading for three signs that it’s time to rethink your home storage and reorganize your life:

Your Kitchen Has Become an Office
Does your kitchen currently hold more office supplies than food? Is your counter strewn with old receipts and unopened mail? Are your laptops taking up valuable space on your table? If you answered yes to these questions, the odds are that you need to rethink your current kitchen storage options. Consider bringing back family dinners by moving all your office storage to a more appropriate spot. You could create a home office in a spare bedroom or living room corner. Or install some shelves or cabinets in the hall to hold important paperwork. As for the laptops, make an effort to return them to your desk at the end of the day so that your kitchen table can start hosting meals again.

Your Clothing Is Anywhere But the Closet
Many of us start off the week with good intentions. However, as the days drag on, it’s all too easy to drop dirty laundry on bedroom floors and leave work shoes in the hall. If your wardrobe regularly winds up strewn across the house rather than put away where it goes, it might be time to rethink your closet system. A well designed walk-in closet can make keeping a neat home easier than ever. After all, you’ll be more likely to put clothing away if you have designated spaces for shirts, sweaters, jeans, and more. Additionally, installing a shoe tree or cubby system in your hallway can encourage family members to put footwear away rather than kicking it off when they walk in the door.

Your Entertainment Supplies Are Everywhere
Thanks to modern technology, watching movies at home is more enjoyable than ever. Unfortunately, today’s entertainment systems tend to feature a lot of accessories. From streaming devices to gaming consoles, extra cables to remotes and DVDs, there’s a good chance your media supplies are taking over your living room. Installing a wall entertainment unit or media center is the best way to keep your den or family room organized and orderly.

Create Closet Systems That Meet Your Changing Needs

Closet World combines flexibility, form, and function to create the perfect closet systems. Our goal is to maximize available space in your walk-in and reach-in closets while ensuring everything you need is easy to find. Additionally, we strive to create calming and attractive spaces that meld seamlessly with your existing décor. Choose from the widest range of accessories and finishes for a storage solution that’s truly one of a kind. Ready to get started? Call us today or fill out the contact form to hear from a member of our team.

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