A Simple Summer Cleaning Checklist

July 9, 2018 admin closet organization

Summer is a great time to get organized, and that messy closet is a perfect place to start. After all, most of us visit the closet as one of our first stops in the morning, and our last stops at night. If that all-important space is messy, dirty, or disorganized, you’re unlikely to start the day on the right foot. Here are some of the top closet organizing tips, courtesy of the pros at Closet World:


Separate Out Summer Faves

Want to make it easier to access your favorite shorts and summer tanks? Closet organizing is simpler when you move warm-weather attire like sundresses and tees to the front of the space and store winter clothes in the back. For best results, hang up any items that are prone to wrinkling, such as blouses, dresses, skirts, jackets, and dress pants. You can feel free to tuck away other items, such as jeans, t-shirts, sweats, pajamas, and exercise wear, in a dresser or bureau.


Store Cold-Weather Wear

Tired of your winter clothes taking up valuable closet real estate during the summer months? If you don’t plan to use an item until October, consider packing it away for the remainder of the season. For example, you could keep bulky jackets in a hall closet and store sweaters in under-the-bed plastic tubs. Some savvy organizers even keep unneeded clothing in suitcases or duffels!


Make a Donation

When was the last time you dropped a couple plastic bags off at your local Goodwill? Summer is a great time to go through your wardrobe and eliminate anything that doesn’t fit or simply doesn’t appeal to you anymore. In general, it’s wise to ditch anything that’s two or more sizes too big or too small. Just remember not to donate any pieces that are stained, ripped, or in generally bad shape.


Take Out the Trash

If an item is truly in bad shape, it’s best to throw it away. Even if you love a piece, you probably won’t wear it if the fabric is stained or the zipper has broken. And if you haven’t worn something – or bothered to have it fixed – in a year, you probably won’t miss it when it’s gone.


Clean, Dust, and Vacuum

Once you’ve re-organized your warm and cold-weather wear and made a hefty pile of clothes for donating, it’s time to get cleaning. Start by using a long-handled duster to clean the walls, door jamb, and high shelves, which are often neglected. Next, wipe down the baseboards, vacuum the floor, and mop the wood or tile. The last thing you want is for dust and dirt to stain your newly organized wardrobe.


Let Closet World Help With Your Closet Organizing


At Closet World, we believe that organization in life requires organization in the home. To that end, we offer an array of tips and tools for keeping all your closets in top shape. For more summer cleaning suggestions, call today or schedule a home consultation online.