3 Walk-In Closet Designs For Kids’ Rooms

January 8, 2019 admin kid closets

Kids’ closets are a challenge unlike any other. They are often shared, contain both clothes and toys, and are subject to little hands pulling things down from the top shelf. If you need some assistance for walk-in closet designs, you’re not alone. A lot of parents struggle with creating the right walk-in closet layout and figuring out how to organize belongings. You want the space to be functional but also colorful and full of love. Here are three ways to organize a closet for kids so it is easy for adults and kids to use:

Adjust the Space for Short Humans

One way to optimize your closet for kids is to build it with adjustable shelves and hanging bars. When your kids are small, shelving and cubbies can be scaled down to their level so it’s easy for them to pull out the clothes and toys they need. Plus, they won’t have an excuse for why they can’t put their own laundry away. As your kids grow, you can move the shelves and bars up to meet their new needs. When it comes to walk-in closet designs, adjustability is about as savvy as it gets.

Turn the Closet into a Multi-Function Space

You can also choose to focus on making your closet design multi-functional. Dedicate one corner of the walk-in closet for a beanbag chair or other cozy seating. Voila! Now you have a reading nook. As your kids grow and request more autonomy, having a built-in space for listening to music, journaling, or reading will come in handy. You can also incorporate a desk into one wall of your child’s walk-in closet. Sometimes doing homework at the kitchen table is too distracting, so creating an in-closet desk space means easy access to solitude when it’s needed.

Use Labels to Make Walk-In Closet Designs Organized

Adults have a hard enough time remembering where their favorite shirt is, so imagine how hard it is for a young mind. You can design your walk-in closet around creative labels to encourage kids to be more independent. Buy colorful labels and use calligraphy or bright printed designs to mark each shelf or cubby with the type of belongings inside. You can also buy hanging dividers and label them by style (think “Dresses,” “Fleece,” and “Light Jackets”). This teaches young kids to read and helps older kids easily remember where things go.

If you’re lucky enough to have a walk-in closet for your kiddos, keeping it organized can be an uphill battle. Every time you turn around it seems the laundry has leaped out of the hamper. With these clever walk-in closet designs, your kids will be encouraged to keep the space clean so they can use it and it’s easy to find what you need. If you’re still looking for ideas to make your children’s walk-in closet fun and organized, contact Closet World today. We can help you create a custom design full of shelves, hanging bars, drawers, and more.