Tips on Sharing a Closet

Tips on Sharing a Closet

October 4, 2021

In a perfect world, every member of the household would have their own closet to organize as they pleased. However, most houses don’t accommodate this type of storage system. Whether you’re sharing a closet with a partner or dealing with sibling closet rivalry, divvying up these spaces can be complex. Fortunately, Closet World has some simple solutions for whipping your home organization into shape. From closet shelving to bins and baskets, keep reading for our top tips on sharing a closet effectively.

Cut Down on Clutter

If you’re in a position where you have to share a closet, the first step is to see what items can be donated, trashed, or relocated to another area of the home. For example, if your kids are splitting a closet, consider moving their coats and winter wear to the attic or basement. You can bring these items out again when the weather gets cool. Don’t hesitate to toss items that are ripped, torn, threadbare, or otherwise in poor condition.

Divide Up the Space

Once you’ve winnowed down the items you need to store, you can start divvying up your closet space. With siblings, in particular, it’s a good idea to create a visible divider between the sections. That way kids won’t argue about whose clothing and belongings can go where. You may also want to purchase a bureau or small filing cabinet so each sibling has an additional place to keep items that don’t fit in the closet.

Add a Second Clothing Rod

If you have a tall but narrow closet, installing a second clothing rod is essential. Not only does this effectively double your storage space, but it also allows you to divide up longer and shorter-sized items with ease. Generally, the top rod is used for shirts and dresses while the bottom one works well for pants and skirts.

Use Labeled Bins

It’s easy for items to get mixed up when two people share a closet. This is especially problematic with easy-to-lose items like mittens, gloves, and socks. To prevent these issues, place baskets or bins on your closet shelving. For best results, label the bins with the person’s name or clothing item. You can even use a color-coded system when organizing a younger child’s closet.

Go Vertical

Narrow reach-in closets can easily feel cramped. If you want to organize this space more effectively, make an effort to utilize vertical space. For example, you can install wall hooks to hang items like handbags, belts, and ties. Shoe racks that go on the back of the closet door are also useful for stowing flip-flops, ballet flats, and other narrow shoes.

Make Closet World Your Choice for Closet Shelving

The best closets marry form and function to create a beautiful storage space that meets your family’s unique needs. Our goal is to maximize space while ensuring there’s a perfect place for each of your belongings. Ready to experience true home organizing? Contact our closet shelving experts today or schedule your consultation online.