Storage Solutions For Small Kitchens

Storage Solutions For Small Kitchens

April 9, 2019

Gathering in the heart of your home with family and friends never gets old. Unless, of course, you grow tired of digging through crowded cabinets every time someone needs a snack. Many kitchen storage solutions are aimed at large spaces, but people with tiny kitchens shouldn’t give up on hosting dinner parties. With some creative thinking, DIY projects, and perhaps some custom cabinetry – you can maximize storage opportunities in your small kitchen.

Consolidate Food into Smaller Containers

You know how when you open a bag of chips or trail mix it seems like it’s 40% air inside? Why waste precious cabinet or pantry space storing packages that are bigger than they need to be? Consolidating everything from flour to pretzels into smaller glass containers will change your life.

Not only can glass containers be stacked and labeled, but the transparency makes it much faster to grab what you need. When you replace bulky cereal boxes with glass cylinders, you can stop playing Jenga every time you open the cabinet door.

Use Wire Risers to Create More Shelves

Short on shelving in your kitchen? One of our favorite kitchen storage solutions are wire risers. These metallic game-changers sit on the inside of any cabinet, multiplying vertical storage instantly. Put plates on the bottom and mugs on the top, or split your dinner and bread plates. Even if your cabinets are not particularly tall, risers make a big difference.

If you don’t like the look of metal risers or you want to add some character to the inside of your cabinets, you can cover the top with a piece of colorful fabric or thick contact paper. Metal risers are also a good addition to the corner of your kitchen counter; when you can stack spices and appliances vertically, there is more room for chopping and peeling.

Hang a Pegboard for Flexible Storage

Don’t have any room to add another cabinet or a kitchen island? Look to your kitchen walls for inspiration. A pegboard can transform into cutlery storage, a place to hang pots and pans, or a space for displaying your oven mitts. Using secured hooks and pegs, your pegboard can accommodate even heavier items.

Even better, pegboards can be rearranged as often as you’d like. Move the spatulas to the side to make room for a new frying pan. Keep your ladle hanging near the stove for convenience. There’s no one way to store items on a pegboard – it’s a truly personalized form of storage.

Kitchen storage solutions for small spaces will change the way you look at cooking and hosting forever. If you’ve always thought your kitchen was too small to store a new set of cutlery or have thought that you will never have the counter space for baking – you may be wrong. Consolidating and reorganizing makes a big difference. So does installing custom cabinets. If you want to reorganize your modest kitchen with modern, personalized cabinetry, call Closet World today to learn more about our kitchen solutions.