Revamp Your Home and Your Life With These Closet Must-Haves

Revamp Your Home and Your Life With These Closet Must-Haves

March 2, 2021

Most of us wish our homes were a little less messy. However, expert closet organizing is easier said than done. After all, whipping your storage spaces into shape requires more than a little cleaning. You also need to find the right tools and supplies for stowing your belongings. At Closet World, we’re passionate about helping homeowners organize their spaces from top to bottom. Whether you’re looking to clean up your hall closet or remodel your walk-in, check out these closet must-haves for organization made simple:

The Right Rods

If your closet has been rocking the one clothing rod look for years, it’s no wonder you’re in need of some organizational support! In fact, installing rods at different heights can go a long way toward helping you organize and display your garments. For example, a double-hang layout is ideal if you have a lot of shorter pieces, such as blouses, tank tops, and skirts. On the other hand, adding a long-hang rod to one side of your closet will enable you to hang overcoats, jumpsuits, and formal dresses with ease. And kids’ closets may actually benefit from triple-hang rods. This is a particularly valuable option if two younger siblings are sharing a room.

Baskets and Bins

Of course, some types of apparel can’t be easily displayed on clothing rods. For smaller clothes items and accessories, consider adding some baskets or bins to your closet. A cloth-lined basket is a great choice for storing delicate scarves, nylons, or lingerie. You can also use bins in your drawer system to hold socks, jewelry, and even makeup. As a bonus, baskets make it easy to take out all of a particular item, so you can view different options at once.

Shoe Rack

You’ve spent years building your shoe collection and likely want to display it to its best advantage. Unfortunately, showing off your footwear can be a serious challenge. After all, not all of your shoes are the same size, and some require significantly more space to store. While boots and larger shoes might have to be displayed on the floor, a shoe rack can help you stow narrow footwear with ease. Featuring individual compartments perfect for flip-flops and sandals, a back-of-the-door shoe rack is an easy way to free up space on your closet floor. On the other hand, if you have a larger walk-in, you might opt to build compartments for shoes right into your closet wall.

Experience Closet Organizing Made Simple

At Closet World, we pride ourselves on being your one-stop shop for home organization. Recognizing that a messy home can contribute to a messy life, we go above and beyond to help families with their closet organizing needs. Along with offering efficient, space-saving solutions for stowing your belongings, we strive to create closets and storage areas that meld with your existing decor. The end result is a home that’s both attractive and cohesive. For more on what we do, call today or schedule your consultation online.