How To Store the Kids' Summer Stuff Until Next Year

How To Store the Kids' Summer Stuff Until Next Year

August 14, 2018

When the sun sets on your last pool day and back to school is in full swing, it’s time for flotation devices and scooters to go back into hibernation. Unless you want to trip over snorkel masks and pool noodles all winter (and who does) it’s time to come up with a game plan. Organizing your garage and storage closets frees up floor space and helps preserve your summer toys and clothes. You’ll thank yourself next year for getting organized now. Here are some tips on how to store your kids’ summer stuff until the next warm season arrives:

  1. Clean, Clean, and Clean Some More

It’s tempting to throw your slip n’ slide into a bin and forget about it, but you may regret it later. Storing wet or unwashed toys and clothes promote the growth of mold and undesirable smells. Before you store your kids’ summer stuff, clean toys with a vinegar and water mix or baking soda and water mix. After everything is dry, you’re ready to start selecting storage baskets or hooks.

  1. Deflate and Disassemble What You Can

The next step to effective storage is to deflate any pool toys and break down any play equipment. Storing things flatly is more efficient – consolidation is the key. Separate car seats from the back of your bikes and separate the four walls of playhouses. Your storage facilities will feel less like a game of Jenga when you’re not cramming odd shapes together in a storage space.

  1. Store Things Above the Fray

Now… how to store everything. Look up for answers. The best place to store your kids’ summer stuff is on elevated shelves or from hooks. This leaves room on the ground for your snowblower, sleds, and other cold season stuff. The same goes for clothes – put your off-season bins above the rest of your clothes so they’re out of the way. Custom closet designs are ideal for creating bespoke, elevated storage spaces where your summer gear will rest out of sight.

  1. Keep Labeled Storage Closets

Summer storage isn’t complete until your bins and baskets are labeled. Once your bikes and scooters are hung from the garage, get your label kit ready. Duct tape and a permanent marker will do, or you can use baskets with a label pocket that are designed for maximum organization. It’s savvy to store things by use (i.e. pool toys, sandbox stuff) so you can pull them out next year when you first do that activity.

Storing your kids’ summer stuff is a daunting task, but one worth the effort. Just remember to clean, sort, and label before you find a place for your warm-weather clothing and gear. The best news is you don’t have to do it alone. Contact Closet World today for a free in-person consultation and soon you could be building the storage closets of your dreams. You’ll never encounter a rogue basketball in the dead of winter again.