How to Plan Your New Walk-In Closet

How to Plan Your New Walk-In Closet

November 17, 2020

So, you’ve decided it’s time to give your clothes and accessories the space they deserve. Whether you’re building a new walk-in closet or modifying an existing space to meet your needs, the options for clothing storage can seem endless and confusing. Do you choose cabinets with wooden or glass doors? Should you include an island or armchair? Fortunately, there are some key factors to keep in mind when planning a new walk-in. Here are some of ClosetWorld’s top tips for creating a walk-in closet that’s both functional and fabulous.

Consider Your Needs

A surefire way to love your new walk-in closet is to consider your needs and goals from the start. Depending on the type and style of clothing you own, you may need an abundance of drawers or hanging storage. Perhaps you prefer to hang up your pants rather than fold them. Whether you need special belt storage or boxes for jewelry, a knowledgeable closet designer can help you evaluate your requirements ahead of time, thereby ensuring the end result exceeds expectations.

Get Organized

As you consider your wardrobe and storage needs, it’s a good idea to get organized. If you haven’t taken stock of your clothing in a while, start by sorting through the clothes you typically push to the side of your closet or stuff in the back of a drawer. Don’t be afraid to donate items or even toss some pieces entirely. Not only will culling your clothing ensure there’s a place in your new walk-in for everything that remains, but it may also help you find things with ease on busy mornings.

Create a Feel

A closet isn’t just a place to stow possessions. It’s a part of your house, and like any other room, it should inspire feelings of warmth, security, and even joy. With that in mind, it isn’t enough to design a walk-in closet that’s merely functional. You need to consider decorative elements, such as lighting, color, finishes, and general design. For example, adding an attractive chandelier can improve ambiance while helping you see the clothes you’re choosing. Or if your accessories are cluttering your closet, creating a custom island or cabinet for displaying handbags may be just the thing to bring the organization you need and a smile to your face. Finally, runners and area rugs can add warmth and softness to a walk-in, helping it feel like a true part of the home.

Trust Our Experts With Your New Walk-In Closet

Even the biggest closet may not be meeting your needs when it comes to storage. If you feel messy, disorganized, or generally stressed, it might be time to give your walk-in closet a serious revamp. Leaders in closet design, we build storage spaces and tailor them to meet homeowners’ unique needs. Additionally, we work with clients to create soothing spaces where they’ll long to retreat at the end of a long day. Call today to find out how we can help, or contact our design experts online.