How to Organize Deep Cabinets

How to Organize Deep Cabinets

February 3, 2024

Do you ever feel like your deep cabinets are secretly portals to another dimension?

Deep cabinets can be a treasure trove of hidden storage space. But too often they become chaotic abysses where things mysteriously disappear if you’re not careful.

If you're tired of the deep cabinet abyss and crave a clutter-free, organized haven, you've come to the right place. We’re showing you how to organize deep cabinets so you can use up all the space you have.

The Basics of Organizing Deep Cabinets

Deep cabinets, those cavernous storage spaces that seem to swallow everything you put inside, can be a real challenge to keep organized.

If you've ever struggled to find your favorite spice or the right medicine bottle in your bathroom cabinet, you know what we're talking about. We’re walking you through how to organize deep cabinets.

Because when you can easily find what you need, you'll spend less time rummaging through clutter and more time doing what you love. Plus, an organized cabinet can help reduce stress and frustration in your daily routine.

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Measuring Your Cabinet Space

Before you rush out to buy fancy cabinet organizers, it's crucial to get to know your cabinet space inside and out. You wouldn't want to end up with an organizer that doesn't fit, right?

Start by measuring your cabinet's depth, width, and height, then take a closer look at the interior of your cabinet. Are there any existing shelves or hinges that might affect the installation of your new organizers?

Or, put it in the hands of cabinet and closet experts to get all the measurements and designs you need.

Picking Out Your Cabinet Organizer

Now that you have a handle on your cabinet's dimensions, it's time to select the perfect cabinet organizer to maximize your space. Here are some ideas we love to implement:

Pull-out shelves: great for pots, pans, and pantry items.

Baskets and bins: great for corralling small items in your bathroom cabinet or organizing your spice collection.

Dividers: awesome options if you want to keep your kitchen or bathroom essentials neatly separated, dividers are your friends. They're also fantastic for utensils, makeup, or even unruly Tupperware lids.

Customized cabinets: because why not get everything you need and more?

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Organizing Deep Cabinets By Room

Now that we've covered the basics of organizing deep cabinets, let's dive deeper into specific rooms and how to make the most of your space.

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Your kitchen is the heart of your home, and your deep cabinets play a significant role in keeping it functional. Here are some practical kitchen cabinet organizing ideas that are typically popular according to item:

  • Pull-out shelves, to effortlessly reach pots, pans, and small appliances hidden in the depths of your cabinets. No more crouching down, digging for big items, and clanking them around until you get them out.
  • Lazy Susans, spinning organizers great for corner cabinets especially. These bring everything to you, so you don’t have to contort your body to reach that hidden blender or mixer.
  • Cabinet dividers to keep your baking sheets, cutting boards, and trays neatly organized. No more clattering and rummaging when you need the right tool for the job.
  • Tiered shelving for housing spices and dry goods. It maximizes vertical space, making it easier to spot that elusive ingredient that you always seem to forget.

Bathroom Cabinet Organization

Bathroom cabinets often become a messy jumble of toiletries and cosmetics. Let's change that:

  • Medicine cabinet organizers as clear, stackable containers will help separate and organize your medications, skincare products, and cosmetics.
  • Put daily personal care products at eye level so you don't have to dig through the depths of your cabinet for your toothbrush or face wash.
  • Small drawer inserts inside of cabinets can be a great bathroom cabinet organizer hack if you don’t have the funds to custom design your deep cabinets just yet.

Spice Cabinet Organization

Spice cabinets may be small, but they can easily turn into chaos.

To keep them organized, invest in a spice cabinet organizer or tiered shelves to keep all your spices visible and easily accessible.

Then, group your spices by cuisine or type (e.g., baking spices, savory spices, or herbs) to streamline your cooking process. Finish out by arranging them in alphabetical order or by frequency of use to make finding the right spice a breeze.

Corner Cabinet Organization

These corner cabinets often go underutilized, so let’s take extra care that they’re being utilized with pull-out corner cabinet organizers, providing easy access to all your pots, pans, and kitchen gadgets without the twists and turns of typical corner cabinets.

Also, consider rotating trays like a corner cabinet Lazy Susan (yes, it’s a thing!), so you’re maximizing every inch possible without feeling like you’re forgetting things in the back.

Bonus: and for all the cluttered little things? Get those in bins on the organizer or Lazy Susan so things are even more organized.

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To DIY or to Install?

Now that you have some tips on how to organize deep cabinets, there’s a big decision to make: do you do it yourself (DIY) or call in the professionals?

Many people opt for the DIY route when it comes to organizing their cabinets. If you’re crafty, it can have its advantages, like cost savings, the fun of taking on a project yourself, and the flexibility to choose and install organizers all at your own pace.

The thing is, it takes time and knowledge. You need to know your way around a home improvement store, pick organizers, and build all yourself. If you’re into a little adventure, go for it!

And while DIY-ing can be rewarding, it can also be a pain if you make a mistake or if you get tired or frustrated in the middle of the project– something that’s common. If you want to opt for a simpler way, hire some pros to help you with it! Here are the benefits of a professional closet and organization specialist:

  • Expertise. Pros understand the intricacies of different cabinet types, sizes, and layouts so there's no second-guessing.
  • Time-saving. You don’t have to worry about learning installation techniques or making mistakes along the way.
  • Long-term maintenance. Professionals can ensure that your cabinet organizers are installed correctly and securely, reducing the likelihood of issues down the road.
  • Custom-tailored solutions. This can be tricky if you’re DIYing solely based on a YouTube tutorial!

Whether you choose to go the DIY route or opt for professional installation, the goal is the same – know-how to organize deep cabinets so you can have beautifully organized deep cabinets that enhance your daily life and reduce stress!

For expert custom closets and storage, reach out to Closet World for a team with years of experience designing, organizing, and transforming closets into organized, beautiful spaces that’ll stand the test of time every time.