How to Customize a Reach-In Closet

How to Customize a Reach-In Closet

March 25, 2022

Many of us dream of living in a house that has spacious walk-in closets for all of our possessions. However, you don’t have to wait until you can purchase your forever home to get your belongings in order. Even those with reach-in closets can achieve true organization – you just have to know where to start. From installing shelves to adding extra clothing rods, here are some tips for creating the perfect closet system for your reach-in.

Create Shelves

Unlike walk-ins, reach-in closets don’t always offer sufficient space to hang all of your clothing. Shelves provide an effective solution to this storage woe. Rather than hanging up items like jeans and sweaters, consider folding these items and stowing them on a shelf. Not only is folding jeans a great way to save them from hanger lines, but it also offers a fun way to showcase your designer denim.

Consider Cubbies and Drawers

Some items in your closet are worthy of display. Others are best stored out of sight. That’s where built-in cubbies and drawers come in. Perfect for socks and unmentionables, drawers contain items you don’t necessarily want guests to spot on a tour of the home. As a bonus, keeping items in cubbies or drawers ensures the space looks clean and organized. Want to make sure family members put things back where they go? Think about adding labels so everyone knows where items are stored.

Add Over-the-Door Storage

If you aren’t keeping clothes and accessories on the back of the door, you’re missing out on an invaluable storage opportunity. Many people fail to utilize this space to its best advantage. However, the truth is that the door back is perfect for storing shoes, jewelry, scarves, and other accessories. We recommend a canvas shoe hanger for displaying sandals, ballet flats, and other narrow shoes where they’re easy to find. However, you can also install a jewelry hanger to show off your most stunning pieces and ensure what you need is easy to find.

Double Up on Clothing Rods

One clothing rod not enough for your wardrobe? The good news is you can double your space in a reach-in closet by adding a second rod below the first one. Hang longer items like shirts and sweaters on the top rack and shorter ones like tanks and skirts down below. Designating half the closet to clothing rods and half to drawers and cubbies is a great way to maximize space.

Create the Perfect Closet System With Closet World

At Closet World, we believe that the best closets marry form and function in one space. To that end, we offer a wide range of products and accessories to maximize storage in your home. Our goal is to build a beautiful reach-in or walk-in closet that complements your current decor while providing a place for every item you need to store. To get started, call today or contact our team online. We look forward to working with you.