How Secure Are Your Garage Storage Cabinets?

How Secure Are Your Garage Storage Cabinets?

December 4, 2018

Reorganizing your garage storage cabinets with a custom design is liberating. You’ll never have to search through huge bins to find holiday lights or a flathead screwdriver again. But is your stuff secure? You don’t want to invest in a newly organized garage only to make it easier for a thief to find your expensive power tools. Protecting your belongings, and your car, with upgraded security is affordable and will pay dividends in peace of mind. Here are some ways to make sure your garage storage is secure.

Doing an Audit of Your Security

Before you can fix security vulnerabilities in your garage space, you have to identify them. Begin with a check of your garage’s perimeter. Do you have a bad habit of leaving a window cracked all the time? Could your side door use a new deadbolt? The harder it is for a stranger to gain entry to your garage the less robust your storage locks will need to be. Next, examine your current cabinets. If none of your tools or other supplies are stored behind locked doors -- it’s time to start making a plan to secure your cabinets and drawers.

Installing Locked Cabinets and Cages

The easiest way to keep your stuff safe is by installing garage storage cabinets with built-in locks from the beginning. Cabinets and large cages with locks are usually made of heavy-duty steel and require a key for entry. Best practice suggests you should keep your keys inside your home, so that even if a burglar makes it into your garage, they won’t be able to easily access your cabinets. If you already have a custom cabinet setup that doesn’t have built-in locks, consider using padlocks to keep cabinet doors secure. You could also keep the body of your cabinets in place and change out the doors for locking ones.

Upgrading Alarms for Entry Points

Another way to make your garage storage cabinets more secure is to add audible alarms. Motion detection alarms might be overkill for a garage since they could go off if a chipmunk sneaks in to escape the rain or snow. But alarms that chime when a cabinet door is opened could be very helpful. You may also want to install a glass breaking alarm so you’ll know right away if someone smashes the glass in your side door in the middle of the night. Other security upgrades that will ultimately protect your storage include night vision cameras, exterior motion-sensor flood lights, and drawer alarms.

Having a custom garage storage system is a great way to reduce stress and make more space to park your car. Who wants to climb over rogue boxes every time you get out on the passenger side? Upgrading the security in your garage will only make your storage experience better. If you still have questions about custom garage storage plans, contact Closet World today to learn more about how we can create the garage of your dreams.