Get Ready for Summer Hobbies With These Garage Organization Tips

Get Ready for Summer Hobbies With These Garage Organization Tips

July 19, 2021

Garages are a convenient place to store sports equipment and hobby supplies. However, many of us aren’t using this part of the house to its fullest advantage. Not only do homeowners use their garages as a repository for old or unneeded items, but they also stow objects on the floor rather than finding room on a shelf. In some cases, they may end up parking cars in the driveway or on the street because of a lack of floor space. The good news is that, with a little effort, you can turn your garage into a storage area that works for you. Keep reading for some of Closet World’s top tips for getting your garage in shape in time for summer.

Take Out the Trash

If you wanna get your garage in order, the first step is to eliminate those items that belong on the trash heap. Sort through your garage, getting rid of unnecessary items and those broken beyond repair. While some pieces may be suitable for selling, others have likely been gathering dust for years. You may also want to relocate some items to another part of the home -- we’re talking about those snowboots you never bothered to bring inside -- or donate them to charity. Once you see what’s left, you can determine the type and size of garage organization system you need.

Keep the Floor Clean

It’s easy to leave everything from half-empty paint cans to sports equipment on the garage floor gathering dust. Unfortunately, this is valuable space better used for parking vehicles and working on hobbies. With that in mind, you should look for ways to create off-the-floor garage systems. While a wall shelving unit is always a wise idea, homeowners should also look for opportunities to utilize the ceiling for hanging storage. Consider suspending bikes and long, flat items such as ladders, sleds, and surfboards. Just be sure that any organizational system is installed by a professional, so it doesn’t interfere with your garage door’s operation.

Stow Summer Items Together

Garages are common repositories for summer essentials. Whether you and your family enjoy hitting the beach or roughing it at the campground, the odds are that you have a wide array of seasonal supplies sitting around. One of the best reasons to clean out your garage is that it affords you more space for summer hobbies and activities. For best results, designate a space in your garage for your favorite warm-weather pastime. For example, gardening aficionados may opt to install a custom workbench with drawers for all their tools and equipment.

Trust Closet World With Your Garage Organization

For garage organization made simple, make Closet World your first call. From installing durable garage flooring to building state-of-the-art cabinets and shelves, each of our systems is custom-designed to meet our customer’s unique needs and concerns. Additionally, we offer a broad array of finishes and accessories, such as smooth drawer glides and adjustable hinges. Ready to get started? Call today or contact our team online. We look forward to getting your home in shape for the summer.