How to Design Your Perfect Farmhouse Laundry Room

How to Design Your Perfect Farmhouse Laundry Room

April 3, 2024

Dreaming of a charming farmhouse laundry room that combines the practicality you need in a space with the rustic charm you’ve always dreamt of?

Designing your perfect farmhouse laundry room is easier than you might think… all it needs is just a few elements to create that cozy, inviting, and warm atmosphere you see from your favorite issues of Magnolia Magazine!

How to Design Your Perfect Modern Farmhouse Laundry Room

1. Add Shiplap Walls (Even If You Need to Paint Them!)

One of the quickest ways to give your laundry room that farmhouse flair is by adding shiplap walls, which add both texture and depth to the room and creates that timeless, warm, farmhouse look that never goes out of style.

And if investing in authentic shiplap isn't in your budget? There are plenty of faux or DIY shiplap options available that can achieve the same look for less, including purchasing your own wood and trying it yourself, or even creating the illumination through paint!

farmhouse laundry room decor and inspiration

If you want to stay consistent with your farm-like style, stick to a bright white or muted, earthy toned farmhouse laundry room paint colors for a simplistic aesthetic (and so you can highlight the wood and natural features we’ll mention later on!).

2. Include Wooden Open Shelving

Wood can always adds warmth and character to any space, and is definitely a staple when striving for a farmhouse laundry room look.

Combine that with the aesthetic of open shelving for a lived-in and rustic look, and these shelves are perfect for storing your laundry essentials, from detergent to fabric softener to dryer sheets and more, all with easy access.

Plus, using open shelving can help you showcase a clean organizational style, as you can use baskets or jars for storage to keep things organized. For an extra farmhouse feel, use reclaimed woods for an authentic and reclaimed touch to the space.

3. Use Organic Materials

While we talk about wood, let’s talk about using organic materials in general.

Part of the farmhouse style involves a space that feels like it was hand-crafted, not mass-produced in a factory. That’s why things like natural wood, stone, and unbleached fabrics can add a sense of warmth and sustainability to your space.

When you’re sourcing materials for your laundry room (including updating your towels and other laundry-related fabrics) consider looking for local supplies or Etsy sellers that specialize in unique, eco-friendly products that bring more of a personality to the space.

image of a farmhouse laundry room

4. Use Vintage-Style Storage and Baskets

Remember when we talked about organized open shelving? This is where vintage-style storage and baskets comes into play! Not only do they add a charming, old-world feel to anyone looking for a farmhouse laundry room, they also help you keep things organized while keeping everything clean, too.

Use old crates or bins for things like dryer balls, baskets for folded towels, and glass jars for laundry detergent and other powdered cleaners.

5. Install a Sliding Barn Door

What’s a good farmhouse style without a sliding barn door?

This is one of the most essential elements of a laundry room and helps save space if you’re working with a smaller laundry room. And of course, sliding barn doors can be designed in the traditional farmhouse style, complementing the rest of your space.

6. Add a Farmhouse Sink

The large size and deep basin of a laundry room farmhouse sink will make it perfect for soaking both smaller items that need to be individually washed (like intimates or formalwear) and for washing larger items like bedding.

Feel-wise, the porcelain or fireclay look of a farmhouse sink will add a traditional, rustic look to the room, and will make laundry feel a little more like a ritual and a little less like a chore.

7. Incorporate Unique or Repurposed Decor

Your open shelving and organized bins and baskets could use a little touch of design.

The whole point of having a laundry room is to make it feel as cozy as the rest of your rooms, and adding in vintage and repurposed items, like candlesticks, an old washboard, an antique drying rack, or just some thrifted pictures can add charm and character to the room.

The key is to use warm metals and colors like gold, bronze, white, and beige, and round shapes to truly bring in the feeling like it’s a bed and breakfast and not like you’re doing chores.

8. Include a Farmhouse Bench

You might not think about a place to sit in a laundry room, but if you’ll have to do hours of folding, you’ll probably want it. So, why not add it to your farmhouse laundry room ideas?

Many farmhouse benches also come with built-in storage, making them perfect for stashing away laundry supplies or extra linens.

Place it near the laundry machines for easy access, use it as a decorative accent piece against a wall, or even use it as a divider between different areas of the room if you feel it needs to be broken up.

image of a basket with towels in it

9. Design with Vintage Artwork

Vintage artwork can add a touch of nostalgia and personality to your farmhouse laundry room, making it feel more like a curated space rather than just a functional one.

Incorporate botanical prints, farm animal paintings, or antique signs into your farmhouse laundry room decor. If you have enough wall space, create a gallery wall with a mix of different pieces or use a single large piece as a focal point, especially if you feel like a specific wall is feeling a little bare.

10. Install Butcher Block Countertops

Sure, Bbutcher block countertops are a great addition to a farmhouse look, but they’re also incredibly durable, and can withstand the wear and tear of doing laundry hundreds of times.

Take your pick from a variety of different butcher block types and finishes, like maple, oak, and walnut, depending on whether you want a lighter, more airy feel, or a moody, more pronounced finish.

If you’ve never worked with butcher blocks before, make sure to apply mineral oil to keep them moisturized and looking their best.

11. Add in Rustic Lighting

There are several types of rustic lighting fixtures that work well in a farmhouse setting. Consider wrought iron chandeliers, vintage-inspired pendant lights, or industrial-style wall sconces to add a touch of rustic elegance to your space. When choosing rustic lighting fixtures, consider the size of your laundry room and the amount of light you need to figure out the best style for you.

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