Design Your Dream Dressing Room

Design Your Dream Dressing Room

January 19, 2020

Walk-in closets get a lot of attention. However, these days savvy homeowners are opting to create dressing rooms. Spacious and practical, dressing rooms offer a soothing spot to get ready for work or relax after a long day. Additionally, they can serve as a beautiful oasis, far from the hustle and bustle of the rest of your home. With the right storage components, design choices, and lighting, a dressing room can easily become a place you never want to leave. Read on for some of Closet World’s top tips on designing the dressing room of your dreams.

Focus on Style

Unlike more functional places like kitchens and bathrooms, a dressing room should be a space where you love to spend time. To that end, it’s key to focus on aesthetics. Along with decorative lighting and mirrors, you can opt to outfit your dressing room with framed photos, paintings, plants, and even a chandelier. Additionally, you can customize this space with fixtures and accessories that match your style and meld well with the rest of the home.

Build an Island

Dressing room islands aren’t just for stowing laundry hampers and baskets of clothes out of view. These spaces are also great for laying out outfits and accessories. Wondering what necklace looks best with your little black dress? Unsure of which shoes to wear with your suit? An island can help you make these decisions without standing in front of your clothing rack. Additionally, central islands are great for displaying photos, jewelry, or even flowers.

Prioritize Storage

Like walk-in closets, dressing rooms offer numerous storage opportunities in one convenient location. If you’re designing this space from scratch, consider whether shelves, rails, drawers, or baskets are most likely to meet your needs. Along with clothing and shoes, consider how you’ll organize smaller items like handbags, jewelry, accessories, and even makeup. The goal is to ensure everything in your collection is safely stored and easy to find.

Add Some Seating

It’s hard to relax and recharge in your dressing room if there’s no place to sit and take a load off after a long day. Based on your needs and style preferences, you may opt to outfit this part of the home with an ottoman, chaise lounge, armchair, or even a dressing table and stool so you can put on your makeup in peace. Some homeowners also choose to include multiple seating options so pals can join them to chat and dress for events.

Create Your Dream Walk-In Closet Today

The best dressing room is the one that meets your needs while reflecting your unique taste and style preferences. Leaders in closet design and installation, the team at Closet World specializes in creating attractive, flexible walk-in closets and dressing rooms that offer homes for all your prized possessions. From accessories to finishes, our selection is second to none. Call today for more information or contact us to schedule a free consultation.