Benefits Of A Custom Closet

Benefits Of A Custom Closet

August 7, 2018

If you’re on the fence about building a custom closet, you’re not alone. It’s hard to choose between spending money on a manicured closet design and splurging on a new wardrobe. Take it from us- a custom-built closet is the better investment. Your custom closet will keep you organized and increase the value of your home – and that’s just the beginning. Here are three reasons custom walk-in and bedroom closets are the gift to yourself that keeps on giving:

  1. Flexibility

Custom closets can be designed around your specific needs and wants. Some people need an entire wall dedicated to their dress shoes, while others could use extra hanging space for coats and long dresses. The beauty of a custom space is that the configuration will speak to your specific vision.

If you have high ceilings, tap into the vertical potential with lots of extra cabinets and storage above your hanging racks. If you’re working with a petite closet, you can build a series of drawers that take advantage of the depth of the space. Install extra shoe shelves, create a corner dedicated to handbags, and add a custom tie rack. When you install a custom closet, there are no rules. Flexibility reigns.

  1. Accessibility

Because you’ve arranged your custom closet in a way that works for you, getting to your favorite staples and accessories is easy. If you’re sick of digging through bins to find the black tank top that you’re sure is at the bottom, pull-out drawers will be a revelation. With more floor space in walk-in closets, you can put a chaise lounge or ottoman in front of your closet space and sit back with a cup of coffee while you ponder your options. A bespoke closet design is all about functionality and making your morning routine much less stressful.

  1. Design Appeal

More than being functional and practical, your custom closet can also become a place to showcase your personal sense of design. Whether you choose a bright white palate or rich walnut cabinetry, your custom design has the potential to complement the aesthetic in the rest of your home. Why take great labor in selecting an elegant master bedroom set if just steps away your closet is in disarray?

Light-colored closet design brightens up a windowless closet and dark wood adds a masculine touch to your bedroom closet. You can use your closet design to inject some personality into an otherwise functional place. Home buyers love a customized closet space because it creates more of a turnkey experience, so you might woo better offers when the time comes to sell (likewise if you rent it out).

Are you ready to transform your endless pile of shoe boxes and disorganized button downs into an organized oasis of fashion? It’s time to plan your custom closet! Scheduling a free in-home consultation with Closet World is painless and fast. In just a short time, you’ll be planning the closet of your dreams. Don’t wait – contact us by phone or live chat today.