Beautify Your Bathroom Closets And Cabinets

Beautify Your Bathroom Closets And Cabinets

July 31, 2019

Once upon a time, the bathroom was little more than a functional space in the home. However, times have changed, and an increasing number of homeowners are remodeling their baths to turn them into zen-like spaces for relaxing and decompressing after the events of the day. While your first instinct might be to install a spa tub or purchase some scented candles, the fact is that creating a soothing atmosphere also means organizing your bathroom so you can find everything you need easily and expediently. A leader in closet storage solutions, Closet World offers an array of tips and tricks for making your bathroom a true haven.

Makeover Your Medicine Cabinet

If you have a medicine cabinet, there’s a good chance that this space currently functions as a repository for expired medications and old tubes of mascara. One of the best ways to maximize bathroom storage is to give this cabinet a thorough cleaning. Toss any items that are old or unneeded and replace them with toiletries and supplies you use on a regular basis.

Invest in Under-the-Sink Storage Bins

The area under the sink is a catch-all for makeup and grooming products like hairbrushes and blow dryers. If you want to keep this area in order, consider purchasing an array of storage bins and divvying up your bathroom items according to their purpose. For example, you can designate one bin for hair products, one for makeup, and one for extra products like shampoo bottles and toothpaste tubes. If your under-the-sink space is tall rather than wide, you might want to consider adding a shelf. Using a tier system allows you to double your storage in one easy step.

Divide Up Drawers

It’s not just the space under the sink that could use some organizational help. You can also divide up bathroom cabinet drawers with expandable organizers. Designed to fit shallow spaces, these products feature a variety of compartments perfect for storing everything from cotton balls and Q-tips to makeup supplies and nail polish. You’ll never have to hunt for your favorite pair of tweezers again.

Opt for Over-the-Toilet Shelves

If you’re still in need of extra storage, an over-the-toilet shelving unit might be the solution to your clutter woes. This ladder-style storage is ideal for towels, washcloths, toilet paper, and even magazines and books. You can also add some decorative touches like candles and potpourri to make your bathroom feel just like your local spa.

Book a Complimentary Closet Design Consult

When it comes to closet storage solutions, trust Closet World to assist you every step of the way. We’re passionate about helping clients transform their overcrowded and disorderly storage spaces into organized areas that marry form and function. Our goal is to create spaces that allow you to move easily within your home  so you can find the items you need with ease. Ready to schedule an appointment with our team? Call today or contact our closet organizing experts online.