Give Your Garage Cabinets The Glam Treatment

June 10, 2019 admin garage makeover

Bicycles. Power tools. That box of broken Christmas lights. These are just a few of the many items you can expect to find in the average family garage. Whether you have a three-car garage or a small carpark that barely fits your sedan, you don’t have to live with constant clutter. On the contrary, there are numerous steps you can take to update your outdoor storage while giving your garage cabinets the glam treatment. Read on for Closet World’s top tips for effective garage organization in time for summer.


Install New Shelving

That single shelf above the washer and dryer might not be sufficient to organize your garage. If you truly want to glam up this area of the home, consider installing custom garage shelving with the strength to support whatever needs to be stored. This type of shelving is particularly helpful for stowing heavy items like weights and power tools. Want to improve the attractiveness of this space without sacrificing organization? Consider keeping bits and pieces in color-coded plastic bins. For example, you could stow the Christmas supplies in the red container and use the blue one for pool supplies.


Make the Most of Ceiling Space

Just because your garage is lacking when it comes to floor and shelf space doesn’t mean you’re doomed to live in a state of clutter. If you want to make over a small garage, consider opting for overhead storage solutions. Racks and hooks are perfect for stowing light and medium-weight items that don’t get much use, such as holiday decorations, camping supplies, or seasonal sports items like those hockey sticks and skates you purchased on a whim. By getting these products off the floor, you can free up space for cars, bikes, and other items that enjoy more daily use.


Spruce Up Garage Cabinets and Walls

Most garage renovation tips are designed to enhance storage capacity and help you get organized. However, if you want to give your garage the glam treatment, aesthetics are every bit as important as function. Most garages are gray and dreary, so think about adding some life and vitality by painting the space a bright color. You can also paint existing garage cabinets or add new ones in a color that complements the rest of your decor. Have a little more money to spend on the remodeling project? Consider replacing that old cement flooring with custom tiles. Rubber tiles are ideal for home gyms, while hard plastic creates a durable surface for activities.


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