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Each solution is made-to-order and built to last using the finest materials available.

Design Consultation

Design Consultation

You'll work with experienced experts that practice specialized techniques in organization.

Your Choices

Your Choices

At Closet World you have more choices. We offer the largest selection of finishes, colors, features, and accessories.

Your Installation

Your Installation

Our professional installers are trained to install your units quickly, carefully, and to your exact specifications.

Your Home

Your Home

We utilize your space to the absolute fullest and create a solution that's perfect for you.

Choose Your Closet System

Four systems to choose from

At Closet World®, we proudly offer four distinct closet systems to organize both your wardrobe and your life: Essentials™, Signature™, Legacy™ and Signia™. Our custom closet systems are designed with you in mind, so you can trust that our closets will meet your needs with regard to flexibility and aesthetics.

Essentials Walk In Closets Systems

Walk-in Closet Systems

Essentials TM

Our streamlined Essentials series features ¾” straight edge panels, shelves and half overlay flat face doors and drawers. Upgrade the Essentials series with deco doors and drawers and crown and base molding for a more polished style. The simple, modern look of our Essentials series turns any cluttered area into a no nonsense, functional space.

Signature Walk In Closets Systems

Walk-in Closet Systems

Signature TM

Our Signature series is a step up from the Essentials and features ¾” straight edge panels, soft edge shelves and half-overlay flat face doors and drawers in a soft edge. Upgrade to the Signature Deluxe series with an accent top shelf, inset doors and drawers with a flat face and soft edging. You can also add inset deco doors and drawers and crown and base molding. Functionality combined with the graceful look of soft edging makes the Signature series really stand out.

Legacy Walk In Closets Systems

Walk-in Closet Systems

Legacy TM

Our Legacy series doesn’t just radiate class and elegance; it illuminates your truly unique style. It features 1⅛” straight edge panels, ¾” soft edge shelves and half-overlay flat face doors and drawers in a soft edge. Upgrade to the Legacy Deluxe series with inset doors and drawers with flat face and soft edging. Upgrade further with inset deco doors and drawers and crown and base molding. The superior quality and beautiful appearance of our Legacy series is sure to revamp your most muddled spaces.

Signia Walk In Closets Systems

Walk-in Closet Systems

Signia TM

Make a bold statement and let your closet come to life with our Signia collection. Modern textures and colors inspired by nature, create a warm and inviting environment that’s functional and beautiful.

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Organize Your Home, Organize Your Life

You’ll work with experienced experts that practice specialized techniques in organization. These techniques utilize your space to the absolute fullest to create elegant and thoughtfully designed custom closet solutions. Plus, they are made-to-order and built to last using the finest materials available.

Transform Your Walk-In Closet With Closet World

Our custom walk-in closets offer flexibility and function to meet the needs of your lifestyle. Maximizing every inch of your current space our closets provide you the ability to get ready with ease, complement your style, and provide a home for all your belongings.

What Our Customers Say:

I decided to have Closet World come and redo my closet when I realized I had a huge closet space but no room for my stuff. My bulky drawers and shelves were taking up so much space and making my closet look messy. I could never find anything, and I felt like I needed more space. Now I have compartmentalized my space I have room for all of my shoes, T-shirts, coats, and accessories.

Lori S.

I’ve had two great experiences with Closet World at different houses. I definitely want to compliment the excellent job and happy ‘can do’ attitude of the installers. They worked hard all day and did not really stop until they finished what they promised to accomplish.

F. G.

It’s been 6 months since I had my closets done and I love them so much. They are sturdy and can hold a lot more than I thought. I plan on getting my garage next.

Omar T.

I changed my mind about this company after they took care of the issue for me. I still think it’s very important to take care of the customers after the sale that’s what makes a great business, and you will have customers for life.

Joe G.

We had Closet World come to the house and install clos-et doors and organizers for five rooms. These guys were so polite and so good, and our house looks and feels so much better with a professional install. Highly recom-mend!!

Sarah B.

I enjoyed the process with Closet World. I can without a doubt recommend working with them. Their product is great, their finish work is amazing. Thank you for a great outcome, Closet World and thank you for working the kinks out and not missing a step in the process.

Fish F.

My closet was just installed today, and I could not be happier. They were on time, extremely professional,and cleaned up after the installation. The designer that I worked with, was also a pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend Closet World. It was money well spent.


My closet turned out awesome! My rep was fantastic! She helped me design and pick out the type of material. I had a ton of questions which she easily answered. Would high-ly recommend her and the company!


Another job well done by Closet World; this is the second job I’ve had done by them in the last year. Closet World has established themselves for me as a top tier group, and I’ll recommend them to anyone. Thanks very much to all,this won’t be the last time I use you!


My experience with Closet World was great. The designer was on time to my appointment and very knowledgeable as to the product the company offers. She understood my needs right on and got me a great price.

Steve B.

I had a great experience getting my garage cabinets installed They came built and installed my cabinets on-site! They were personable, well skilled, and excellent craftsmen. I would definitely recommend this team!


Closet World was a great experience. They have the best cost. The designer gave me a rundown of everything I needed and was very nice. The installation was also fantastic.


This whole process was simple and easy. The finished product exceeded my expectations (was very sturdy and the fit and finish was beautiful), and my laundry room looked amazing! I had the storage I needed, and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg.

Roxanne B.

I’ve used Closet World in the past and everything was convenient. How they come out to you and then they mea-sure everything worked out so nice. This time they did two closets and a pantry, and everything came out perfect.


We liked Closet World’s combination of customer service and willingness to work with us in terms of pricing. The installation was just as great. I really look forward to working with Closet World again. We are very satisfied with our first experience with them.


I wanted to convert a bedroom into a closet, but I didn’t wanna spend a lot of money and I didn’t want anything nailed into the floor. Closet World was very good about working around that and solving the issues that I had. Itwas a great experience.


I’ve been a Closet World customer for 12 years now. And if I need something, I don’t go anywhere else except Closet World. This time, I asked them to add a top shelf in my closet. Their designer was very nice, and parts ordered are on time. Everything was perfect.


I got a closet system that goes down the entire 17-foot wall and the closet itself is 5 feet by 17 feet. I love it. The installation was perfect. If I had another closet to do, I would definitely reuse Closet World.


The designer was responsive, listened to what my vision was and was able to put that into action. It was a great ex-perience. The garage looks a lot cleaner and rotects the stuff a little bit better. The organization is nice and saves space overall. The installers were great too.


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