Spring Pantry Organization

April 3, 2018 admin home

Your pantry can get disorganized very quickly and most of the time will not get organized again until the next spring cleaning. Take the time to organize the pantry based off of type of foods such as pasta and pasta sauces, spices, rice, canned goods, drinks, etc. It might take an hour to go through the pantry, but in the end it will look amazing and feel like you accomplished something. It will be nice to have a place for the items in the pantry to go so that when you go to the grocery store, it will be easy to put away the items. Drinks: Organize the drink self based upon what drunk it is so you do not have to go digging to find Coke or Water. The drinks can be placed on the bottom shelves to avoid spills and messes.

  1. Canned Goods: Can be placed above drinks, because most of the time, canned goods are part of emergency goods in case of natural disasters. It can be organized based on the type food so it is easy to grab what you are looking for in case disaster strikes.
  2. Pasta and Pasta Sauces: Keep pasta and pasta sauces in an easy to reach area as a lot of kids like to eat pasta or they get older want to make it on their own. You can keep the sauces organized by marina, alfredo, etc.
  3. Spices: There are a lot of different spices and when you have no idea where the spice you need is missing, we go out to the store and buy more. That is not really practical as most the time the spice is right in front of our face the whole time. You can organize the type of spice based upon the type of food the spice is used for.
  4. Miscellaneous: You can always write yourself a cheat sheet in case you forget where you put everything. You can maintain the shelves fairly easily by making sure you put the food in the correct spaces when you get home.