Get Your Garage in Shape for Spring

April 7, 2023 admin

When it comes to spring cleaning, most people focus on more obvious spaces like walk-in closets and pantries. However, there’s a part of the home that often gets overlooked when it comes to home organization. A repository for all our junk and clutter, garages tend to need special cleaning before the summer months. Fortunately, Closet World’s garage organizers are there to help you tidy your space and keep it that way year-round. Here are some of our top tips for getting your garage in shape before the mercury climbs.


Ditch the Extras

Removing junk and clutter is a key part of the garage cleaning process. To start, get rid of all the extras. For example, you probably don’t need multiple pairs of gardening shears or hedge clippers. Similarly, those old paint cans have likely dried up over the years. And of course, you should get rid of any lawn care products that expired over the previous 12 months. The goal is to clear space for items you actually need. After tossing what no longer serves a purpose, take time to sweep the garage floor clean of grass, leaves, and other debris that’s accumulated over the last year.


Clear Out Winter Clutter

Speaking of clearing out winter clutter, we recommend finding a new place for all of your winter tools and supplies during this part of the year. Items like snow shovels, sleds, snow tires, and ice melt don’t need to be easily accessible during the spring and summer. Instead, you should create places to stow gardening supplies, beach toys, bikes, and athletic gear. When the temperature drops again, you can switch things around so your cold-weather gear is within easy reach.


Choose the Right Storage Containers

When it comes to storage, not all containers are created equal. Certain products like soil and birdseed are best kept in waterproof plastic storage containers. As a bonus, these bins will protect against bugs, mice, and other invaders. Of course, not all items should be stowed in bins. Garage walls are great for hanging tools, bikes, and lawn equipment. We especially love installing shelves or racks on tall garage ceilings to get larger items up off the floor. The good news is Closet World offers a wide range of storage systems and containers to help organize your garage for the long haul.


Discover the Benefits of Professional Garage Organizers

At Closet World, we custom design all our closet and garage systems based on our customers’ unique needs. Combining form with function, our systems are built in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and installed by seasoned professionals adhering to the latest standards. Additionally, we utilize high-end products and finishes, from durable garage cabinets to heavy-duty hardware and flooring. Plus, our smooth drawer glides will make putting away your belongings a breeze. Ready to get your home in order? Learn more about our garage services and then call to schedule an appointment with our team.