4 Summer Design Trends To Watch

July 30, 2018 admin summer design trends

The sun is out, you’ve stored your cable knit sweaters until further notice, and the long days are giving you extra motivation. There is no better time than the present to give your home a makeover – let’s talk about summer design! From revamping your living room to getting creative with closet design, in the summer of 2018 decorators from around the country are seeing a few trends. Here are some design movements to consider (and they won’t go out of style in September):

  1. A Bold Front Door

According to Coastal Living, a bright welcome to your home is looking more popular than ever in the summer of 2018. Paint your front door in a dreamy blue, warm gold, or another rich hue that gives a wink of new color to your home without having to repaint the entire thing. Even better, painting your door is a fun DIY project that takes just a few hours. Come winter, your trendy summer door will add a punch of happy to your design on overcast days.

  1. All Things Leafy Green on the Walls

Big, leafy prints are also a trend in summer design. Even if you don’t live in a beach city, you can bring a taste of the tropics home. Think removable wallpaper with giant green leaves, framed photos of palm fronds, and oversized potted plants in the corner. No matter the size of your room, there is a way to brighten it up by bringing natural elements inside. Leafy additions make a dramatic change and don’t have to cost a lot.

  1. Rose Gold Accents Around the Home

We’re not saying other metals are out, but rose gold is certainly hip. Rose gold mugs are a stylish new way to enjoy a Moscow mule or ice tea, and rose gold plates turn a boring brunch into an elegant event. According to designer Michael Berman, rose gold is taking the place of brass in everything from appliances to silverware. You can even add rose gold fixtures to your closet drawer pulls or bathroom faucets.

  1. Curvy Lines for Closet Design and Beyond

Modern, straight-edge lines have been on trend for a while, but they are starting to take a back seat to curvier designs with relaxed lines. Imagine a boxy IKEA couch versus a round-backed loveseat with circular legs. Taking advantage of the trend is as easy as adding a chaise lounge to your closet with soft lines and tufted fabric or changing your closet door mirror from rectangular to round. Celebrate curves in your closet and beyond this summer!

Staying trendy in home and closet design can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. They key is to hone in on one trend that speaks to your style and go with it. Making just a single change to a major piece of furniture, wall, or closet décor can breathe new life into your space.

So, how will you revamp your home with a summer design trend this year?