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Cluttered Closet? Clean It Up With These Tips and Tricks

October 21, 2019 admin walk in closet

Are your favorite jeans strewn over the closet floor? Are all your shoes laying outside their boxes? If your closet is a cluttered mess, it can stress you out and make it tough to find the items you need. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to clean up your walk-in closet and give your life some much-needed organization. Check out these tips and tricks for decluttering a messy closet.

Build Custom Shelving
If you’re trying to organize all of your clothing on a couple of rods, you might find that your space is untidy and cluttered. Rather than try to hang up every single item, consider installing some custom shelves and drawers to hold pieces that don’t fit well on hangers. In particular, shelves are helpful for stowing jeans, sweaters, and shoes, while drawers are good for scarves, ties, belts, and jewelry.

Try Tilt-Out Laundry Hampers
If you have a bad habit of leaving dirty clothes on your closet floor, you might need to add some hampers to your walk-in closet. Unfortunately, traditional hampers take up a lot of floor room. Get space back by opting for tilt-out hampers featuring removable bags. When it’s time to do laundry, all you have to do is carry the bag out to the laundry room.

Ditch Underutilized Items
If your closet is packed with every piece of clothing you purchased in the last 10 years, it can be hard to get organized. Get a handle on the clutter by tossing items that you no longer use. In particular, you should throw away clothing that 1) doesn’t fit, 2) has tears or stains, or 3) hasn’t been worn in the last 12 months. Be sure to donate any pieces that are in good condition; you can generate goodwill while bringing some much-needed organization to your home.

Store Seasonal Apparel
Larger closets might be able to accommodate four seasons’ worth of clothes. However, that doesn’t mean you should leave all your clothing and accessories out year-round. Storing all your attire in one location can make it difficult to find the pieces you need in a timely fashion. For best results, remove past-season clothes and relocate them to another part of the home, like a basement or attic. Doing this allows in-season items to shine while keeping the closet from feeling untidy. As a bonus, you’ll be more excited to wear the pieces again after they’ve been tucked away for months.

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