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Create a Special Space Just for You

July 1, 2020 admin Design a closet

Do you have a tendency to start a new project only to abandon it halfway through? If your house is full of partially completed crafts, it might be time to create a designated space for your favorite activities. At ClosetWorld, we specialize in helping homeowners design a closet or room in which to enjoy their hobbies. Keep reading for tips on building a special space that brings you joy.

Craft Space
Artists and hobbyists alike can benefit from having a place to enjoy their favorite activities. Ideal for both projects and “me time,” these spaces enable you to paint, sew, craft, or even just do a puzzle without getting your supplies all over the house. While some people opt to use a spare bedroom or office for crafting, others modify their walk-in closet to fit the bill. Build out this area of the home by adding shelves, cubbies, and drawers to stow your tools and materials.

Reading Nook
Love to read and hate being disturbed? A guest room or office can do double duty as a reading space. If you don’t have room for a bookcase, simply install some shelves to hold your collection. You can also buy a bench seat to tuck your books away out of sight. Add a few pillows and blankets, and you’ll have a comfy reading spot and a storage space in one.

Exercise Space
These days, many of us are opting to work out at home rather than visit a gym. However, it can be hard to focus on health if you’re trying to exercise in a noisy living room or cluttered bedroom. A great option for home fitness, garages offer a quiet spot to enjoy yoga and other activities. Start by installing shelves and cabinets to clear space for your workout. You can also hang racks from the ceiling to suspend items like bikes and yard tools. Then add a little atmosphere in the form of yoga mats, candles, and even a potted plant or two. You’ll hit your fitness goals in no time.

Music Room
Are you most relaxed when jamming out with a friend? Maybe you like to let off steam by playing the piano. Whatever your instrument of choice, a music room is great for relaxing and enjoying your day. Unfortunately, banging on your drumset can easily result in angry neighbors pounding on your door. Avoid this outcome by renovating your garage or office to include some soundproofing. Carpets tend to muffle sound more effectively than hardwood, so think about laying down rugs. You can also add insulation with wall coverings or foam panels.

Design a Closet or Storage Room With Help From ClosetWorld

Looking to design a closet or home office that functions as a craft space? At ClosetWorld, our designers have the training to install state-of-the-art closets quickly and efficiently. We specialize in turning your vision into reality. To learn more about how we can help, call today, or contact our experts online.

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