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Spring Closet Organization

Spring Cleaning can always come in handy, although, but what about Spring Organizing? Spring Organizing can help you de-clutter your life into a more simplistic lifestyle.

Closet Organization Suggestions:

  1. Color coordinate clothes in the closet: If you are looking for the perfect color for a special occasion, color coordinating the closet might be a great idea. You can always separate it out further by adding work or your going out clothes
  2. Take out any clothes that do not fit anymore. You can donate or sell your clothes that you don’t wear anymore. Great motivation to buy some new clothes.
  3. Shoe organizing: I am sure that if you a woman, you have plenty of shoes to go around. You can organize your shoes by heels, work shoes, gym shoes to make your shoes easier to find.
  4. Art Supplies: You might have a ton of art supplies lying around in the closet. Have clear bins to place art supplies in instead of not knowing where that one Blue Crayon went. Now it can all be in one place and easy to find. You can always label the clear bin.
  5. Photos: I am sure we all have old photos lying around and you have no idea what to do with them. Get Photo containers to place them in instead of leaving them stacked in the closet. Put the events in chronological order so that you can go back and remember a particular event.