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Laundry Room Tips

The laundry room tends to be very disorganized or possibly neglected at times. We can make adjustments in our lifestyles so we can become more organized in all aspects of life. It may take some dedicated time to create a lifestyle that is organized, but all we have to do is take 15 minutes out of our day to re-organize the laundry room. Keep repeating the process until you have a nice and tidy laundry room.


1.) Create a drawing of where things should go in the laundry room.

2.) Tape the drawing to the wall to remind yourself that you have a plan and intend to keep. It may help to use it at reference when you to start the process to becoming organized.

3.) Take ten minutes a day organizing the laundry room.

4.) Keep making sure that the laundry room stays organized.

So many Shoes. . .Some tips to try and get organized with shoes

We all know that at some point, girls just have way too many shoes at some point and the most common problem is that all the shoes will not even fit inside the closet. I am sure that we all need to make some more room. Here are some simple solutions to solve your problem.

Designate an area that will be designated to all your shoes that you own.

Build Shelves within the closet to maximize area in your closet

Design a shoe rack for the specific types of shoes you have

These are just a few tips, but if you are looking at putting in a brand new closet that would be bigger, We would love to help you get started on that. A custom closet can enable you to design a closet to your needs and that will best suite your life.

“Man Cave”

More often than not, a garage is being used to store tools or anything else that seems important for backyard maintenance. It can also be known as your husband’s second home. We usually don’t care how messy the garage is since usually you will be the only person using it and no one else will have to see it. In case, you do love your garage a lot, I suggest getting organized. All your tools should be arranged by type and probably having a systematic method would be good. If you have a car that you have been working on I suggest keeping all those parts and tools handy so you don’t have to go digging for the tool you had a week ago and have no idea where you left it and in the end we tend to buy another tool. With the tool collection only adding up, it is time to make a change.

Empty out the garage and arrange all parts so you know exactly what you have in stock. Ask yourself what you need from the tools department and sell the extras if they are in good condition. If you are missing a few tools, go ahead and buy what you need. Now that you have all your tools out and organized by the type of tools, consider redoing the garage for a customized look. We put your needs first , but also making sure that you can afford the garage. As soon as the shelving is in, you can move all your tools back in with the most unique organization system put into place with a designer and your needs of a garage.

Ladies, if you are not a sport’s fan, turn your garage into a “man cave.” You can let the guys come over and have a sports night without having to be involved. At the same time, you could have a girls night in the house, while the guys are watching their favorite sports team game.

You can create a spacier garage by putting in place a new garage with Closet World using a customized organized system based on your personal needs. Closet World has designers who are here to help on your next garage endeavor.