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How We Work with You

Some think it’s a question, a character trait that you’re either born with or you’re not. At closet world we believe it’s quite simply, just a decision. We also believe that for a decision to have any value it has to be followed by action. Decision + action = organization since our founding, we’ve set out to make this whole process easy. Just decide you want to be more organized in your home and then take action by calling us. We’ll take it from there and make it all happen quickly, with care and no worries on your part. It’s that easy. As the saying goes, the devil is in the details. At closet world we remove the worry from the process and take care of the details for you. From the moment you call us, we know you are entrusting your home to us as we enter into your personal space and therefore treat that privilege with the respect, courtesy and responsibility it deserves. Our designers take great care to work closely with you to maximize and make efficient use of your space while paying close attention to your unique look and style. It takes a trained eye to combine both form and function and that’s what sets our team apart and keeps customers coming back for the various rooms in their house.

Once you and our designer agree on the solution that best fits your needs, we custom design and build each component to the exact specifications using only quality materials. We then make an appointment with you to take care of the final step, the installation. Our installers are careful to make sure the installation is quick and treat your home like it was their own, including cleaning up after the job is done.

Our goal is simple, to help you get your personal environment organized quickly, easily and done in the right style, your style. We want you as a lifetime customer and promise to earn your trust and confidence with every step.


College Moving Day

Have you tried moving from college or moving your child back home? More than likely your child does not know how to pack the proper way, which ends up with you having heavy boxes, especially if it involves books. We all should enact on a process for packing meaning keeping “like” things together so it easier to unpack and mark the boxes with what is in it. If you know what needs to be in storage already put it in a box marked so when you have to move again.

You will have to sit there and go through a lot of stuff. Most of the time, you will just end up with doubles of everything, which will make that much more clutter around the house. Generally all of the kitchen stuff will end up in a box and will not be touched until your child decides to move out of the house.  A move is also the perfect time to go through clothes and get rid of the clothes that are no longer worn. Donating unwanted clothes to a charity is a great way to do social good and benefit another person.

When you move back home, you have to get settled and organized. Go through your clothes for second time in case you left clothes at home and anything unused donate it to charity. Taking everything out of your closet would be a good idea. Evaluate everything and decide what can be put into storage and what can be put into the closet. As you are doing this create a system that will work for yourself to become organized. Once that system is created start putting everything back into the closet.

Tips for Organizing:

  1. Clothes- any clothes that you have that you no longer use or may not fit you anymore get rid of it. Donate your clothes to charity to do something good,
  2. Figure out what else is your closet- if there is anything that you are not using pack it into a box and put in the attic or a storage unit.
  3. System- make sure you have a system for everything in your closet. It is important to make sure it is a system that you comfortable with. Always put things back in their rightful spot after using something.

I would love to hear what you to do to keep your closet organized.


Creating a Meditation Space

daily meditation practice is something many of us value. If you’ve practiced meditation for awhile, you know that the first requirement is a little privacy – a safe and quiet place where you won’t be disturbed.

For a lot of folks, this can be done in any part of their home, but if you’ve got kids, house mates, or share your boudoir with a partner or spouse, then creating a meditation room may not be a luxury but a necessity. Here are a few tips on how you can simply and affordably create a meditation room no matter what kind of space you’re in.

1. Keep it Simple

You don’t need to decorate your space with elaborate art and sculpture. The basics will do just fine: a clean, quiet space that’s uncluttered and has a cushion or chair that suits you best.

2. Beauty and Meaning

With number 1 (above) in mind, you can still make your meditation room look nice. Find objects, fabrics and symbols you may have in other parts of the house and re-assign them to your new space. They should have meaning to you and not be too energetically ‘noisy’ to be distracting.

3. Smells Good

Some incense, potpourri or an essential oil candle with meditative scents are perfect for your contemplative time.

4. Sounds Good

You can add a small sound system, though it’s not necessary. Some people like to meditate to soft, soothing music or chants. Others prefer silence or the sounds of nature outside there window (assuming there is nature outside their window). But especially if you live in a noisy city, southing sounds played at low volume can really help you get into that tranquil, meditative state. Another option is a set of small chimes by an open window, or blown by a small fan.

5. When there’s no more Room at the Inn

Maybe you simply don’t have a separate room you can dedicate solely to meditation. Fear not! There’s still a way … Using fabric or an old fashioned dressing screen in the corner of a room will do. The important thing is to make it your space, and a dedicated space that remains undisturbed and unused except for meditation. Ask anyone else you share your home with to honor that space and stay out unless invited.

Do you have a meditation room? Would it be a challenge for you to make one? Leave us a comment and let us know.