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Closet Organization Tips

Taking the time organize your closet takes time and patience and it may be difficult to organize your closet. At Closet World, we want to be able to help you to face your fears of getting organized in 2013. Feel free to add comments and add on some of your favorite tips to stay organized with your closet.

Closet Organization Tips:

  • Best way to start organizing is to empty out your closet and decide if it is time for a new closet or just need to start organizing your closet so you can find everything you need easily.
  • We are only focusing on the organizational aspect of your closet.
  • Tip 1: Empty out the closet and place everything on the bed and floor. Be sure to leave yourself some room to walk around, but as you are putting stuff on the bed, put like things together.
  • Tip 2: Draw a map of your closet and decide where the ideal home should be. Everyone’s needs are going to be different. It is best to start out with a map first so then you have a plan in tact when you go take everything out of closet and start the actual organization process.
  • Tip 3: If there is anything in the closet that is only taking up room, it might be best to think about putting it up in the attic, garage, or storage unit.
  • Tip 4: Anything that needs to be hung up can be arranged by shortest to longest, color, or type of clothing.
  • Tip 5: Anything that does not fit can be sold at a thrift store or even donated to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Homeless Shelters.
  • Tip 6: A shoe rack might be beneficial so that your shoes are not just sitting on the floor organized.
  • Tip 7: Have any hobbies that need a place to be stored? If you have shelves, you can put your hobby supplies on the shelves instead of being left on the floor in a container. It might make your bedroom look bigger.
  • Tip 8: Make sure that your closet is organized the way the you want it to look and feel.

Have any other tips to share, you can post them in the comments. Happy Organizing!

Spring Closet Organization

Spring Cleaning can always come in handy, although, but what about Spring Organizing? Spring Organizing can help you de-clutter your life into a more simplistic lifestyle.

Closet Organization Suggestions:

  1. Color coordinate clothes in the closet: If you are looking for the perfect color for a special occasion, color coordinating the closet might be a great idea. You can always separate it out further by adding work or your going out clothes
  2. Take out any clothes that do not fit anymore. You can donate or sell your clothes that you don’t wear anymore. Great motivation to buy some new clothes.
  3. Shoe organizing: I am sure that if you a woman, you have plenty of shoes to go around. You can organize your shoes by heels, work shoes, gym shoes to make your shoes easier to find.
  4. Art Supplies: You might have a ton of art supplies lying around in the closet. Have clear bins to place art supplies in instead of not knowing where that one Blue Crayon went. Now it can all be in one place and easy to find. You can always label the clear bin.
  5. Photos: I am sure we all have old photos lying around and you have no idea what to do with them. Get Photo containers to place them in instead of leaving them stacked in the closet. Put the events in chronological order so that you can go back and remember a particular event.

Closets Based On Your Needs

For a standard house, we have the typical closet, which consists of a door and inside the closet we have a rack to hang clothes and possibly a couple of shelves. I have found it very difficult to keep it organized. Most of my shelves are being used as storage instead of being used for shoes or accessories that I might have such as purses, scarves, and belts. Now with custom closets, a person can be able to use it as some storage space as well as a place so that your shoes can have a home besides letting them stay on the floor.

In the closet, I have featured, is open without doors. It makes the look to the bedroom more organized and modern. There are shoes rack that can hold 2 shoes per rack, which is enough room for 24 pairs of shoes, but if you own a lot more shoes you can always look into getting a walk in closet that should accommodate all your needs. There are different sized clothes racks to accommodate shirts pants and dresses to keep you that much more organized. There are some drawers that you can use for jewelry and other accessories we may have and the larger drawers as a hamper.

The next time you decide to take on a closet makeover, think of Closet World to make your dreams come true.

Also, if you have a closet world closet, tell me what you think about it.


Tip on Closet Organization

Closet World asked Twitter and Facebook users on June 27, 2011 to share some organizing tips. Here is our featured Twitter Mention about organization.

@ClosetWorldCA Hang all your hangers backwards to start. At the end of a year whatever is still facing backwards (never worn) gets donated.

From @organizingwithe

This is a great tip, because in one year you might be amazed to find how many clothes you could be donating to Goodwill or Salvation Army. People in need are benefiting from used clothes at a reasonable price so that low income families can afford clothes.

If you have any more tips, you would like to share let Closet World know in the comments below, Tweet Us, or post on our Facebook Wall.

So many Shoes. . .Some tips to try and get organized with shoes

We all know that at some point, girls just have way too many shoes at some point and the most common problem is that all the shoes will not even fit inside the closet. I am sure that we all need to make some more room. Here are some simple solutions to solve your problem.

Designate an area that will be designated to all your shoes that you own.

Build Shelves within the closet to maximize area in your closet

Design a shoe rack for the specific types of shoes you have

These are just a few tips, but if you are looking at putting in a brand new closet that would be bigger, We would love to help you get started on that. A custom closet can enable you to design a closet to your needs and that will best suite your life.

College Moving Day

Have you tried moving from college or moving your child back home? More than likely your child does not know how to pack the proper way, which ends up with you having heavy boxes, especially if it involves books. We all should enact on a process for packing meaning keeping “like” things together so it easier to unpack and mark the boxes with what is in it. If you know what needs to be in storage already put it in a box marked so when you have to move again.

You will have to sit there and go through a lot of stuff. Most of the time, you will just end up with doubles of everything, which will make that much more clutter around the house. Generally all of the kitchen stuff will end up in a box and will not be touched until your child decides to move out of the house.  A move is also the perfect time to go through clothes and get rid of the clothes that are no longer worn. Donating unwanted clothes to a charity is a great way to do social good and benefit another person.

When you move back home, you have to get settled and organized. Go through your clothes for second time in case you left clothes at home and anything unused donate it to charity. Taking everything out of your closet would be a good idea. Evaluate everything and decide what can be put into storage and what can be put into the closet. As you are doing this create a system that will work for yourself to become organized. Once that system is created start putting everything back into the closet.

Tips for Organizing:

  1. Clothes- any clothes that you have that you no longer use or may not fit you anymore get rid of it. Donate your clothes to charity to do something good,
  2. Figure out what else is your closet- if there is anything that you are not using pack it into a box and put in the attic or a storage unit.
  3. System- make sure you have a system for everything in your closet. It is important to make sure it is a system that you comfortable with. Always put things back in their rightful spot after using something.

I would love to hear what you to do to keep your closet organized.