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Spring Office Organization

It can be easy to neglect the home office, especially if you are not using it to be a freelancer or have the need to invite clients over the house. A few pointers can help you organize the office so that you can have a presentable office space around the year.

Tips for Office Organizing:

  1. Designate areas for your mail, computer, external hard drives, bills to pay, paper, envelopes, and etc. so they are easy to locate.
  2. Make weekly spot cleanings to the deck. Ie. Dusting, cleaning the windows, tidying up the desk, and putting papers away
  3. Keep your personal and business papers separate.
  4. Naming conventions for the files on your computer. If you are having trouble finding certain documents having a naming convention will be very useful and you will be able to find documents faster.
  5. Pick up the papers around the desk so that you can start the next day with a clean desk every morning. Look at it as your space that is for business life not personal.
  6. Keep the cords tucked away so the cables for the computer, printer, scanner, etc are not entirely visible.


De-Clutter Your Life

We are at times can get a lot of clutter of unwanted junk laying around the house. A simple way to stay clutter free would be to put away things right after it is used in its rightful spot. Make sure you assign a home for everything and if it is an item that is never used be sure to pack it up in a box and put into storage. Create an organizational system for books and movies if they are stored in the living room.

The bedroom is a good example where clutter can be at its worst. If there are clothes laying around be sure to pick them up and put it away or in the hamper. If you read at night, make a special home for the books you enjoy reading. Organize your clothes in the closet by pants, shirts, jackets, and etc. Organization is key when it comes to the bedroom.

If you have an office, it is so easy to become stuck in the clutter. It can be never ending and daunting. The bills can just stack up and will never be put in its place. A solution is to have a file for bills that are marked with paid and unpaid so that you know what needs to be done. Organize your desk to the best of your ability; it only takes a lamp, a container for pens and pencils, and a computer to have the simplest organization to have on a desk.

What do you do to keep the de-clutter? Are there any tips you can share for having a clean desk, bedroom, or living room? If you simply do not have time to take on the clutter call a professional who can help you live a clutter free world.