Social Media with Closet World

October 7, 2011 Admin

"Like" us on Facebook "Follow" us on Twitter "Subscribe" to YouTube "Follow" us on LinkedIn Social Media is a great way to stay in touch with a company you can enjoy. I would like to invite you to say hello...

Tip on Closet Organization

July 6, 2011 Admin

Closet World asked Twitter and Facebook users on June 27, 2011 to share some organizing tips. Here is our featured Twitter Mention about organization. @ClosetWorldCA Hang all your hangers backwards to start. At the end of a year whatever is...

Laundry Room Tips

June 20, 2011 Admin

The laundry room tends to be very disorganized or possibly neglected at times. We can make adjustments in our lifestyles so we can become more organized in all aspects of life. It may take some dedicated time to create a...

So many Shoes. . .Some tips to try and get organized with shoes

June 6, 2011 Admin

We all know that at some point, girls just have way too many shoes at some point and the most common problem is that all the shoes will not even fit inside the closet. I am sure that we all...

“Man Cave”

June 2, 2011 Admin

More often than not, a garage is being used to store tools or anything else that seems important for backyard maintenance. It can also be known as your husband's second home. We usually don’t care how messy the garage is...

De-Clutter Your Life

May 23, 2011 Admin

We are at times can get a lot of clutter of unwanted junk laying around the house. A simple way to stay clutter free would be to put away things right after it is used in its rightful spot. Make...

Testimonial- Tarzana, CA

May 9, 2011 Admin

4/27/11-Iden was absolutely fantastic! His professionalism, hard worker, talent and careful attention to detail made all the difference in the 3 closets he installed. We would not hesitate to recommend you + him to our colleagues! N.V., Tarzana, CA  

How We Work with You

April 13, 2011 Admin

Some think it’s a question, a character trait that you’re either born with or you’re not. At closet world we believe it’s quite simply, just a decision. We also believe that for a decision to have any value it has to be followed by...

College Moving Day

April 13, 2011 Admin

Have you tried moving from college or moving your child back home? More than likely your child does not know how to pack the proper way, which ends up with you having heavy boxes, especially if it involves books. We...

Creating a Meditation Space

April 13, 2011 Admin

A daily meditation practice is something many of us value. If you’ve practiced meditation for awhile, you know that the first requirement is a little privacy – a safe and quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. For a lot of...