Halloween Time

October 31, 2012 Admin

Happy Halloween from Closet World. Have a safe and fun evening.   Do you get trick-or-treaters? What were some of your favorite costumes?


October 17, 2012 Admin

Hello All, Due to some recent pinners pinning from the Closet World website, we have decided to start our own Pinterest Board. We are having so much fun putting together, that we suggest to follow our boards for some great...

Tips on Organizing a Pantry

October 2, 2012 Admin

A Pantry is a important part of the kitchen that can store food, but if there is not a good system to the pantry, it can be very hard to find the food you want. Here are a few tips...

9 Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

September 17, 2012 Admin

Binder Clips, Letter Holders, Drawer Organizers, and Pen/Pencil Containers 1. Binder Clips are an easy way to keep your home desk organized. 2. Letter Holders are great for sorting out paper as priority or not. You can also use letter holders for...

Thoughts on Website

September 12, 2012 Admin

Have you had a chance to visit the Closet World Website lately? A month ago, we launched a new website and would love to know what you think about the site. Above is a photo of the home page. We...

Bedtec Tips

September 6, 2012 Admin

Bedtec is a great way to save space especially when you have a small studio and feel like there is not enough space for everything. Here are a few tips and guides for when thinking about a Wall Bed. Can...

You Pick it…Which Home Office Would you Chose?

August 31, 2012 Admin

A- Prestige office in a Pearwood  finish melamine with Deco doors and drawers and crown molding, black hood handles and pull out keyboard tray. B- Prestige Office in a fusion maple finish melamine featuring deco drawers and doors with fluted...

Tips to Organizing the Garage

August 27, 2012 Admin

Tip #1: Clear Out Space for the Car Use Pegboards to clear up the space that is making it difficult to park the car such as rakes, shovels, and nails. Tip #2: Set Space Aside for Projects Set up a...

How to Organize a Teacher’s Desk

August 21, 2012 Admin

As schools are back at school, teachers have a lot of paper to either ahnd-out, copy, grade, etc. We will try to keep them all organized over the summer year. Here are a few tips to get started: Keep the...

10 Tips For Organizing Your Closets

August 20, 2012 Admin

Found this interesting post on the CNN Living website titled 10 tips for organizing your closets. Everyone has their own way of organizing there closet...what kind of tips can you share with our readers? Some people find it easy to...